Eye am Phaedra Sinatra

Eye Was Here. Creatista, illustrator & artist. I like to manifest my visions and experiences into being through multiple mediums, throwing my soul into illustrations, digital painting, acrylics, ink and watercolors. My style of work is mostly mythical, mystical and transpersonal-fantasy fusion sometimes throwing on symbolic occult tantrums and psychedelia. My vision is to transcend the physical, materialistic world and portray a wider vision of awareness.

Eye am Phaedra Sinatra

Let’s Join Hands

I am open to work and collaborate with private clients, companies, brands, publishers, event organizers, magazines etc on illustration commissions. If you got a project in mind or assignment for me, please contact me and let’s see if we can create some magic together!

This page is mostly twirling around the artistic side of my being, but I also have a sister-project running called Psigotaka. Psigotaka is developed to bring all the cosmic experiences into life by using all 5 senses. We organize gatherings and events together with extended family to bring some good vibes into this existence.

We are all like individual drops of rain falling into one grand ocean afterall.

Let’s join hands and collaborate!

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Illustrations, art, doodles, cartoons and designs.

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About ideas, works and events that are cosmic and colorful.


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Answers to few questions that have been popping up.



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If you appreciate my creativity and you can spare a little: donations are so very welcome!