Need an illustrator/artist for your project?

I am open to work and collaborate with private clients, companies, brands, publishers, event organizers, magazines etc on illustration commissions. If you got a project in mind or assignment for me, please contact me and let’s see if we can create some magic together!

PS. It would be helpful for me to know:

  • what kind of work you need
  • what it’s going to be used for
  • the deadline
  • your budget if possible (aprox)


I answer all my emails personally and in about 2-3 days. I’ll reply you as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience!

Answers to few questions that have been popping up:

What do you actually do?
I’m an illustrator, artist, doodler, writer, cartoonist and designer… to name a few. I create illustrations for pretty much anything and I’m constantly trying new things. I sometimes create illustrations and designs for flyers, T-shirts, websites, business-cards, logos, comics, private collections and so forth. I have written many articles also and few stories for my own collections, that I haven’t published yet. I create content for others as a ghost-writer for few bigger clients. My articles are published in various places in the internet (cannot disclose at this point as it is ghost-writing afterall).

Did you go to art school or have a degree in art?
Yes and no. I did go to various places to learn art but as I grew up in a society that didn’t really respect art as a choice of a career, I had to let it go and studied Psychology instead (Bachelor of Arts in Social Science / Psychology). In university I studied also about Art Therapy, Creativity in Psychology and Psychology of Visual Communication. My thesis was about Vibroacoustic Methods as I do connect strongly with sound and frequencies aswell, not only art. I got the chance to discover the methods how to use both in the field as an assistant psychologist working with mentally disabled children with autism, asperger’s syndrome and down syndrome. After graduating I did several workshops on art and ended up actually as a Founder of an Art Community House called Kaleidoscope. Art has always been close to my heart

When did you start making illustrations?
I’ve always done it I quess, in small scale, but in 2011 I started illustrating/doing art for “clients”. I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator, artist, graphic designer and photographer for many years. Ofcourse I started drawing much earlier. As a kid I used to have huge fantasy and while others were drawing fishes at school, I made a huge Titanic. I’ve always been coloring my life bit out of lines while talking with fairies at the same time.

What materials do you work with?
I am quite retro and I work with both analog and digital tools. Personally I adore inks and watercolors, but I also like to play with the digital side of coloring with Photoshop. Other than that, anything can be a medium.

What digital tools do you use?
I start every piece by hand using inks, later I use Canon E500-scanner for scanning my analog work to digital and continue coloring with Adobe Photoshop if digitally colored. Sometimes I color my works with watercolors aswell and retouch with Photoshop, depending on what type of things the pictures will be used for. Photoshop keeps colors natural and I’ve been a big fan of it since I was a teenager.

About using my works:

Can I use your illustrations and art for printing?
I do understand that all artists works rotate around the internet fairly easily and I’ve actually seen few of mine already put into that rotation, but I would really appreciate it if you ask me first when it comes to printing.  Don’t print my work to make money, or to hand out to others. Contact me if you wish to do so, so we can talk about about it.

Can I share your art on social media?
For personal use, yes sure you can share my work, but please do credit me properly. It sucks to see all work flying around the internet without appreciation of the maker and the hours it took. Don’t edit my work, or cut off my signature/logo if we haven’t had any agreement on that. If you want to share it on Instagram of Facebook, I’d prefer you’d do it by reposting or sharing from my pages directly ( @eyewasherearts and ), or if you must upload again please link it to the page/s. If you’re a business wanting to promote your services with my work, just don’t… without me knowing about it, I personally hate it. Other than that, all cool.

Can I use one of your existing illustrations that I like for my logo/business/article etc.?
Depends again what. I think it’s only reasonable that I should know about it first. Please contact me and let me know what you are going to use it for, why and all that. It’s not allowed to use any of my illustrations without my consent.

Can I buy products or prints of your work somewhere?
I hope to get that going on soon. Still in the middle of it all. I used to have a print collection and now I have bunch of stuff ready actually from coloring book to stickers and T-shirt etc, but all still in process. For now it’s only original works through me 😊

Thank you for taking time to read this. Hit me up if you have any other questions!